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Posted by Kamelia

There are times when you sit in class, with a blank face, not reacting to whatever that person in front is talking about. (If so, it's just to appear like a good student. They are grading you after all) Their very presence is enough to send to the depths of irreversible sleep.

There's that one who can't even speak proper english, when the subject is supposed to be taught in one. ("Er, bulimia nervosa is peoples who muntah by themselves after eating lots") You cringe at his english, but try to look past it. You don't want to stereotype people. It's naughty. But then he interrupts the class to narrate his life's story. How he Made It as a lecturer...bla bla.

And then there's the perverse, chauvinistic one. He loves chatting up the female students, and makes remarks that he thinks are funny, like "You're going to find it easy to find husbands who want to reproduce, because your hips are very wide" or "What's that one you shirt, come, I'll wipe it off for you" and gestures with his hands. *vomit*

And then there's the never ending bragger. You know his son has an i-pod for his birthday. You know the price of his car, you know what brand his socks are, and what his last meal cost. Brags to the extent that out of the 3 hours of class, you'd probabaly get only one hour's worth of information that you can actually use.

It's infuriating. It's frustrating. It makes your blood boil. But what can you do but smile, and suck up to him, because he's grading you. *sigh*

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hey cammy,
you wouldn't actually know me. I just have heard too much about you from B that I thought that I'd check your blog out.
Cool entry.
I agree with you. Not only there, but where I am, the lecturers can suck big time. I hate the 1st type you mentioned. The seemingly imbecilic lecturers which you wonder how they became lecturers to begin with! =P
power to ya!'d be suprised about just how much I know about you. Let's just say B talks about you as well.

I wish they had a show to remake lecturers..."Queer Student for the Moronic Lecturer"


hei c' cool..i know he is your lecturer..but pikir baik-baik..if u are smart enough why don'y u be a lecturer and lecture him???? ingat setiap manusia ada kelebihan n kekurangan..takkan slama-lamanya nk menongkat langit....


aku rase ko ni kurang ajo..tak baik ckp mcm tue..aku tau ni blog ko tp piki balik ko ada hak ke nak kondem dia??? besyukur tuhan tak kondem ko..cuba tgk wlpn ko terror english but konye pakaian sucks..TOLONG PAKAI PAKAIAN YG SESUAI DENGAN BENTUK BADAN..JGN PAKAI SMP JADI SARUNG NANGKA..U KNOW APA YG AKU MAKSUDKAN KN..AKU TAU KO KUTUK SAPA... one ever claimed to be smarter than the lecturer, and I don't deny that they do know more than me, but their presentation of their knowledge is undeniably terrible, and do not even TRY at times. They are damn lecturers, and are supposed to be mentors and role models, and yet, they do nothing but fan their own ego. And i don't really believe in respecting people "tak tentu hala". Just because they may be older and have eaten more salt then me, doesn't mean they deserve my respect. To have one's respect, you're got to earn it. You have to TEACH. I certainly do not respect lecturers who do not teach at all. And if I'll wear whatever I want, you don't have to "kutuk" that. Your comments will certainly will not stop me from wearing "sarung nangka" and what not. And if you do know who is it I am talking about, all the better. I hope they will change for the better, because my objective in coming to the university is to learn, and not to strain myself, trying to understand what the hell they are talking about.

And next time, have the courtesy to tell who you are, or else be branded a coward.

~anonymous @ anonyMOUSE said..
"piki balik ko ada hak ke nak kondem dia???


shadapz said...

hey there dear anonymous..
jangan kondem orang konon.. tapi tgk apa yg kau buat.. cakap tak serupa bikin..
lagipun ni blog dia.. kalau kau tak suka.. jgn baca.. dan kalau nak memberikan comment.. jgn guna nick anonymous.. penakut bacul.. takut dgn bayang2 sendiri..

to both dickheads who are commenting anonymously,

first of all, she didnt name any names. and u think that by correctly guessing the lecturer in question would somehow give you the right to condemn her the way u did?

shes not saying that she's smarter, she's saying that the lecturer better buck up and improve his teaching methods! have u ever felt sleepy listening to a boring lecture? u cursed the lecturer under your breath too!

and that comment about her clothing is uncalled for. she dresses the way she feels comfortable in. if you are telling her she is rude, well you're the one whose rude. the matter in question is about the lecturer and his way of teaching but you go all your way out to demean her. if u wanna comment on the post, then freaking comment on the post and NOT her.

yeah,this is just another friend of Kamelia backing her up, and hell yeah i AM her friend.she didnt put me up to this. im sick and tired of people who doesnt have the courtesy to tell their identity when commenting. people who think they have the power to say disparaging things about the blogger just because the blogger's opinion is not the same as theirs. and somehow, these so-called anonymous would find a way to turn the post into some sort of personal vendetta, and start 'threatening' the blogger. in this case, "AKU TAU KAU KUTUK SIAPA" so?

it doesnt give you fuckin power over her, damnit!


p/s: and pls, dont bother dropping your shit on my blog, i'll just delete it not because im afraid, but im really getting sick from all you anonymous asswipes.

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