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“From the moment I picked your book up, to the moment I laid it down, I was convulsed with laughter; someday I intend to read it.”

– Groucho Marx

Yes…my all time nightmare. The horror of watching that expression on their faces as they read through the work I laboured over. Oh yeah, they’ll say it’s nice, and smile polite smiles, but really I know what’s going on behind all that hair. I think for the longest time, that has been my main fear when it comes to writing. I am, by all means not a bad writer. I think I write fairly well. But nothing could ever stop me from caring what other people are think.

“Don’t care what other people say! Just write dear!” says Ms. Tuti, my Literature lecturer. Hah, easier said than done. I haven’t always been like this. I used to write non-stop, spouting nonsense, and scribbling poetry on my desk in school. I think sometime when I was seventeen, I suffered a huge doubt towards my talent. (Whose fault I wonder?) And I think since then, I have never really considered writing seriously. It might even be the reason why I declined the journalism course I was offered initially in UiTM. (Imagine, I would actually have been Baiti, AK, and Eddy’s classmate!)

That is until now. Desperate to escape from Kesatria, I scouted for the perfect club for me. Pengurusan Jenazah? How about Pengurusan Majlis? Haha…me? (stage fright you see..) And then one club caught my eye. Creative Writing. I think for a moment, I imagined discussions of literature among peers who have read Shakespeare and Keats. And then I imagined myself seriously writing again. Me? Is it possible? The scar still ran deep. I still remember…

But what the hell…I joined it anyway. Baiti and Yanti followed me…(also desperate to never see Zaki again in a green outfit) So at least I had good company even if the course threatened to get really boring.

So now I am in dilemma. For our last assignment, we are supposed to write a short story not more than 1500 words. Short stories are generally harder than novels. It’s got to get to a specific point in a short time. I am fresh out of ideas, and everything I have come up with so far sounds more ridiculous than the last. I thought of writing from the perspective of a girl with mixed parentage. But it sounds so cliché.

Can you help me? Please? Give me some ideas…let me know if you are reading this. It’s bad enough that my own boyfriend doesn’t read my blog… :P

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i read ur blog...

Haha...that's reassuring. I read yours too...FYI.

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