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On the 23rd of May 2006, I received a call.

"Amy, pack your bags for a few days, and tell your sister to do the same. We are going to Johor as soon as Mama gets back home. Your Popo just passed away."

Just like that, our family has changed overnight. My parents are now the "older" generation. I no longer have grandparents. Most of all, I no longer have my Popo. The quiet strength in our family that has held us together for so long.

I had intended to blog about the birthday bash we had for her 80th birthday, but procrastination took over me. And it was only with her passing that I remember the pictures that's tucked in my desktop. Waiting for my blog. So here they are.

May you rest in peace Grandma. We miss you already.

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It's almost surreal to see that your family is so chinese and yet you fit in just so nicely. On the other hand, I'm asking myself why i can't fit just as nicely in with my chinese extended family -

And may your Grandma rest in peace.

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