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I am currently sitting on a comfy cushioned sofa in Starbucks Bangsar, sipping my favourite Mocha Frappuchino while looking cautiously for my mom. I need her to buy me dinner. And yet whenever I turn my head, I see this display in the cafe, appealing to customers to buy coffee to help the earthquake victims in Indonesia. And then I feel it...guilt.

Consumerism an capitalism.

It's doesn't do much for your consicience. Well, mine at least.

In other events, my cousin Kak Nita just got married. He's Daniel, and he's a chinese convert. His mom was really cool, all dressed up in her Kebaya, and imploring Kak Nita everytime she accidentally called her "aunty".

"Wei, call me Mummy la!!"

Everyone who carried the "Hantaran"s were chinese girls from Daniel's side of the family, and Abang Syukri, (miraculously a father of three. Last time I saw him, there was only one girl) did the silat as the bride and groom came in.

Awesome food, and even more awesome music, as Daniel's relative sang Rod Stewart. He had a suprisingly amazing voice.

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starbucks starfucks.. ahahahaha...
*gelak bermakna*

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