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Posted by Kamelia

I am thinking of revamping my blog. Yes, this has been voiced out before. I am a terrible procrastinator, so bear with me. I am thinking of using the picture you see above as my heading, as well as a theme for my revamping. What do you think? Be brutally honest here. With the use of this heading, I am also thinking of having chocolate brown as the main colour in my blog, as I love chocolate, plus it's not a very common blog colour. Baby also designed another heading for me, unfortunately I forgot to bring it in my thumbdrive, so later ok?

Oh, almost forgot, this is another heading I worked earlier on. My cousins didn't like it too much, because it was too bloody :P I do like the fonts. Again, brutally honest crtiticisms.

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first one is nice!!!

And eeeeeek! I can't wait to start my International Baccalaureate!! :P

however do you pronounce tat?? :p thanks for your comment.


choose the first one .. its more lady like heading ^^

More lady like eh?

Who are you anyway?


as in Baka (japanese for dumbo)

heehehe - first one for sure... and don't ask people so rudely laaa who are you...

must be a secret admirer maybe... Ooooh!

I vote for the 1st one Cammy! Looks better, no doubt.

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