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Elly was mastermind, "Eh, Elianto has this free makeup demo going on at The Loft, KL. You guys wanna come? It's on the 26th" (Ok, maybe not exactly in those words, but pretty close. So on the evening of the 26th, me and B, all decked in our finest got into Riana's car and headed there. I thought Baby would go berserk, but he was cool about it.

I damn malas want to captions. Yana, Me, B and Elly in the car on the way to The Loft.

I have to admit, that even while we were waiting for Elly in from of our apartment, I had second thoughts of the whole thing. I knew what The Loft, and the clubs next nearby are all about. I don't really have anything agaisnt people who go clubbing. I just feel like such a klutz next to all those people. Anyway, they had a hairstylist there to do up our hair for free. I've always wondered what I'd look like with straight hair, so I went for it.

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Eddy says I look hot! But I still prefer my natural hair

I didn't manage to get anything else done. My heels were killing me, so I got lazy queuing up. B got her nails done, Elly did her hair, and Yana did both her hair and nails.

We were starving by then, and had the buffet. Oysters, pasta, spring rolls and potato salad at RM10 each. I made the stupid mistake of ordering another drink. Extra RM10 there. It was while we were eating that we heard it.

"For those of you who missed the Pussy Cat Dolls today at Sunway Lagoon, do not be sad as they will be here to make an appearance at 12.30! So, hang around, and be merry."

Elly was really psyched for it. But it was 10.30pm, and the place was starting to get crowded. B and me decided it wasn't really our thing to hang around, so we went to the Sheraton nearby, and chilled in the....toilet. Hey, it was a nice toilet! I was gabbing away about nothing in particular, when I spotted someone familiar behind me. Hmm...wasn't she that woman in that drama I saw recently, "Mama Rock"? B whispered "Her name is Jasmine Hamid" Too bad we were in the toilet. Bad photo op.

We then went to Buharry, a really quaint Mamak restaurant next door to The Loft, and had limau suam.

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I saw Pop Shuvit for the first time, although I didn't have the guts to ask for a photo. We were just finishing our lime juice, when Debbie Chan came walking by. She and B knew each other from school. A journalist on The Star, it was fun talking to her.

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It was a long night. But I'm glad that I didn't spend the day moping at home on my birthday. Thanks to Elly, B and Yana for making it happen for me!

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Buharry, food's not that bad, just a tad expensive if you ask me, and see the building opposite LOFT, the greenish cream building where the groundfloor is Restoran Samarkand (its closed for good), that building is Heritage House, and thats where i work :) 12B floor.

Cammy with straight hair..



oh really? hehe...can visit you sometime! See the pro at work huh?



Kamy looks seductive in str8 hair!

And the pro at work - more 'hawt' ;)

yeah why not :)

hawt? bwahaha.right.

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