Bygones, Gone By  

Posted by Kamelia

I am stubborn, forgetful, talkative and careless. I know what I am, and I also know what I am not. I am never intentionally malicious. Neither am I vengeful or hold grudges. I do have a terrible temper that I try to hold in check. Most of all, I believe in treating others how I would want to be treated. To a certain extent, I want people to do the same. At times, I assume one to have the same philosophy. Of course, I was just being idealistic.

How does one take back what has been said and done. Of course, you can't. All you can do is move on. Hope for the best.

I wake up every morning hoping for a better day. Wishing for a smile, glancing for a friendly face. Most days all I get is a cold stare and silence.

And yet I wake up everyday, hoping for a better day. I'm being stupid maybe. Like how I pined for my long lost best friend, when no one even seemed to remember her anymore.

All I wanted was for everyone to be happy. Including myself. For how could I make others happy when Iam not.

A wise friend said that you have to hear both sides of the story, before you judge. Or at all.

Maybe so. But what happens when it's you that is being judged? Tables are turned.

And I still hope for a better day...

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experience is a wonderful things as it enables u to recognise a mistake every time u repeat it..
let bygones b bygones my dear..

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