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It first started as a large sheet of polystyrene in which I envisioned colourful posters, important notes and nonsensical items would be pinned on. It was light enough to carry into the mini bus, although admittedly embarassingly large as it hit passengers in the shins and attracted a fair amount of disdain from the bus driver. Luckily my apartment was nearby.

Naively, I stuck the polystyrene with thin double-sided tape. The next day, it's upper left corner came out with a rather defeated air. Undaunted, I bought one of those sticky reusable plasticine. Liberal amounts were slapped on and although the polystyrene showed tell-tale signs that it had been forced down, I thought I had won the battle.

Alas, the bottom right corner sprang to life the next day.

The war wasn't over yet.

Deciding that the polystyrene was way too ugly for the new renovations done to the room anyway, I tore down the offending object and thrashed is unceremoniously. Juju suggested I get the foam board instead, a much lighter and thinner version of the ugly scaly polystyrene. But still wanting the larger size to fit all of my precious nonsense, I bought one that was big enough that it was embarassing even to bring it out of the shop. Thankful that this time I had a car to deliver it to the apartment.

I enthusiastically stuck in onto the wall, this time confident that the simple double-sided tape would hold.

That night a strange noise. Of something scraping the wall.

The next day I got foam double-sided tape. It's got stronger adhesive. I'm sure it'll hold.

Two days later, a strange scraping noise again. It came clean off, and landed behind my desk.

With final exams approaching, I put my project on hold. Seems it doesn't seem to able to.

Weeks pass, and it seems that my little anecdotes from years gone by, and yellowed pictures would never be able to make it on to my own personal space on the wall. "What do I do Juju? I dah nak gila ni!"

"Why don't you cut it in two?" Was Juju's suggestion. Well, that makes sense. Maybe it's size was a disadvantage after all. Not taking any chances this time, I put in liberal lengths of double-sided tape on all corners and the centre. Two seperate pieces sat adjacent of each others. Two days went by without incident. This may be it!

On the third day, I inspected with much loathing, the bottom right corner had left the wall, and was waving at me, gleeful of it's escape. After further inspection, I noticed that the second piece's upper right corner was also waving at me.

I was at the end of my tether. Ignoring the fact that it'll uglify my "space", I took out the black masking tape usually reserved for binding my assignments, I held down the foam board, and taped it OVER the corners, and for good measure, it's sides too.

It's been a week, and so far, so good.

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cam, lawak ar ur battle with dat evil polystrine from hell.

hehe... i can't stop smiling and giggling to myself.

Glad to be able to entertain you shy :)

Maybe next time, I'll tell you about the time I tried to cook chicken curry...


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