End of Things  

Posted by Kamelia

I wait for the bus. To take me home. To make me whole.

I write this on the eve of my last exam paper tomorrow afternoon. Juju has packed her bags, ready for the bus leaving for Ipoh tomorrow, and the books and notes of a very hectic semester awaits near the front door, for me to take home tomorrow night. I will still blog when I can, although with less frequency.

I hope to at last come up with a proper banner for my blog, and maybe even hopefully a nice background. As an online journal, I think it's only right that I deck my precious blog with the right clothes. Or maybe it's because I get some kind of inferiority complex when I visit Will Quah, Mr December, or even Rezza Salleh's blog. Not because it's beautifully done up, but because it's got character that identifies with the writer. I want that. It's narcissistic maybe, but I do.

Next semester is going a handful for me. Academic writing begins, and along with it a whole host of hurdles.

But this is not the time to worry of the days to come. It's the moment to live. To relish that tomorrow is my last paper. I would be returning my last library book. Maybe settle that library fee I owe. Return the keys to the Advertising Room, pack away the last of my notes, and contemplate whether to throw them out with the old newspaper, or keep them for souvenirs. Sweep away the eraser dust that laces my study table since the last month, and pack away my laundry.

It's the end of things for me. At least for now.

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Will Quah is drop deas gorgeous.

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