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It's rather rare for you to read a funny post from me. It's not for my lack of humour. In fact, I would like to think that I am a rather funny person. At least that's what I would LIKE to think. I gather that my lack of funny posts is mostly due to the fact that I can rarely remember how the funny conversation went. Everyone knows that it's funny only when the timing is correct, and you can't possibly get the timing to be correct when:

a) you can't remember how the conversation started

b) you forget the lines in between the start and the punch line


c) you have a suspicious feeling that your future sister-in-law is reading your posts and are therefore much wearier about the content of your posts.

But I figure a funny post that does not incriminate myself, but the brother of that sister-in-law to be instead might leave me off the hook.

We were having lunch I suppose, and as usual after a rather heavy meal, and feeling much like a python after one, (that is, immobile) I was lamenting about my thighs, but sighed that at the very least the person who is always next to me had a larger ass.

"Excuse me? My ass is not bigger than yours! You dah la nampak macam lembu, cakap orang pulak." Baby protests.

"Of course yours is bigger than mine! You are like twice my weight!"

"You wanna bet?" Baby says and sticks out his little finger, the ultimate 'I-dare-you' pose. He looks positively beaming with confidence that I was going to wake up to the shocking truth.

"I don't need to bet, I know!"

"Fine~ we're gonna find out then. Wanna bet? Because I know your ass is bigger than mine."

"Eleh, how you know for sure la?" By now, I'm positively sweating at the possibility.

"Because I just measured mine yesterday!"

"You what???!"

Baby looking really horrified at how that came out. "You measured your ass?!"

"Ok...that came out wrong..."

Me, laughing hysterically with the rest of the restaurant staring at me.

Ok, so I guess it's the kind of conversation where you had to be there. But that's funny right? Right? Right?!


Sigh....I suck at this.

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Mine still SMALLER.

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