5 things not many people know about me  

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1) I have gout


Yup, I do. I do have gout. Apparently not many women have gout, so it was a pretty big deal when I was wheeled in one day by Baby into UiTM's pusat kesihatan, with tears down my face and screaming my head off after waking up to the unbearable pain. For the uninitiated, gout is the swelling of joints, typically near the ankle, big toe or the knees due to the build up of uric acid, usually caused by a diet of high protein. That includes especially red meat, seafood and believe it or not, white cabbage and cauliflower. The funny thing is, I HATE cauliflower, I don't really have a preference to red meat...I am a chicken eater, and I don't like seafood except for the occasional seafood getaway. A look at my family's medical history may yield some clues. Let's see...my grandfather had gout, my father had gout, my cousin on my mother's side had gout...so I should have expected it. Right? Still...the episode has caused my body to become very sensitive to any intake of red meat and seafood. Which makes the occasional Big Mac a tug of war between me and Baby who insists I take the Filet O' Fish...which usually feels more like a snack rather than a meal. Oh well...

2) I was suspected of theft
This was a gem of a story back when I was in my first semester in UiTM. For the first semester, I had to stay on campus in a girls' hostel. My only roomate back then was this girl from Kedah. I thought she was rather sweet in a really innocent way, and we did get along fine. She was about two years younger than me. Most of the other girls had to have 3 other room mates, so I was considered lucky to have two extra beds. Things were going along fine until the 3rd week of class or so. It was right after dinner, and I went to my room early to complete my assignments. She was not back yet from the dining hall. When she came in, she went straight to her study table drawer, which incidentally she had no key to. So it was always unlocked. So it was pretty stupid of her to leave her wallet there and expect it to be safe. So she discovered it was gone, and there I was being her only room mate...and the main suspect. I thought nothing of it. Concerned, I escorted the crying girl to the warden's office and filed a complaint. So it was a huge surprise to me, when an hour later, a group of seniors showed up and ordered me to leave the room and follow another girl on the pretext of "borrowing" her dictionary. I knew they were searching through my stuff, but surrounded by a dozen seniors, all of which seemed to side with the dreary and sweet girl, I said nothing to defend myself. It didn't help that my room mate's friend backed her up by saying that she saw the purse in the drawer before we left for dinner. The senior that was with me received a call, and we both went back to my room. Surprise surprise...my things were all messed up. Again, they confronted me, to which I denied everything. It was almost midnight when two men knocked on my door and asked the both of us to go to the warden's office. By this time, I was not with speaking terms with my room mate. I was interrogated by the men who turned out to be plain clothes police men. He insinuated that I was a no good rich city girl who was just looking to have more fun and steal her purse. He searched through my wallet, and I showed him my ATM receipt showing about rm200 in balance. I told him I didn't need to steal, I have parents who are both teachers and adequately provided me with everything. We went back after each filling in our statement.

To cut a long story short, the next morning while I was in KESATRIA training, I received an SMS was my room mate saying she found her wallet in her classroom. And although she cried for forgiveness, I never truly got over the humiliation of having been suspected of a vile accusation.

3) I used to play the guitar

My mom came back one day with a classical guitar and a receipt for a month of guitar lessons at a Yamaha center nearby. I had told her earlier that I wish I could play the guitar as a hobby, and I was really interested back then in guitar sounds, and listened to latin guitar all the time. I has it in my mind, that it would also look really cool to be able to play a musical instrument. I was about 15 at this time. And it took me less than 5 minutes with the guitar instructor to know that I was basically tone deaf. I could not even tune my own guitar, and playing a simple song was torture for my fingers and my ears. It wasn't long until I simply stopped going to classes, and my guitar was passed around my brother's friends, until it eventually got lost. A sad, sad ending to what could have been a promising hobby. I still enjoy listening to classical guitar, and at least Baby could play it well, so sometimes, I live my dreams through him.

4) I think in diary mode
My thoughts run through me as if I am constantly writing a journal. It's like my own personal blog inside my head. Unfortunately, those thoughts sometimes fail to come when I am actually going to blog. Funny how my head works.

5) I eat peanut butter by sticking my finger in the jar and licking it.

Sshhh....don't tell anyone!

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I luv luv luv you! Happy New Year, Kamy!! Cheers to another year of joy, health and success... :)

You've never left my life since you walked into it.

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