Meet the new additions to the family  

Posted by Kamelia

I still miss Teddy a lot. But I miss having a cat too. My sis found these two rascals near her apartment, and brought them back home. Without telling me mom of course. They are both females, and as of this post, still nameless. Any suggestions guys? Let me know.

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i know they are females but what about Bill and Ted, hehhe..the bogus journey :p

Yin and Yang?

Puss and Boots?


Actually we already thought of the names.

Older sister: Honey. Cause she's calm and really sweet.

Younger sis: Bunny, cause she's jumping everywhere and upsetting the house.

Together, they are Honey Bunny!!

honey bunny. Ahaha so cute. m sure the little kittens will find happiness in their new home :-)

magdalena and marie curie.
meletup tak?

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