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It was much overdue. Kevin has been in town for some time already, and still we haven't gone to any one of his gigs. He's leaving after Chinese New Year, and Baby really wanted to see one of his shows before he went back. Granted, I am a fan of Brokenscar. Not just because they happened to be acquaintances, but truly, something about their lyrics, combined with their sound remind me of somewhat of a cross between Sick Puppies and Dishwalla. I really like their songs.

So we headed to Laundry at The Curve to meet them. This is when I should be posting a picture of Kevin and us, but he was so busy with all the people that was arriving, we were lucky to have a conversation with him at all.

They performed "Down" which was one of my favourites, and I heard "Shooting Star" for the first time. And now it's my new favourite song. And I've heard of people, most of all Kevin raving about Paul Tan's guitar moves, and now I know what the fuss was all about. He was really superb. It's time like these though, that I really miss my Sony camera. But the battery's making problems, so I've had to rely on my handphone camera. But Baby's cybershot handphone takes much better photos so I'll just wait until I get those before I post more pictures.


Baby mentioned that Alda Tan looked a lot like my brother. And I thought it was an amazing likeness too. What do you think?

We met Darren there too. I knew Darren back when we were in KHS together. But I had no idea that he was Kevin's brother. What a small world it is. Darren as I discovered has his own band too, and has been in Fly FM's campur chart for some time. Army of Three is refreshing rock. I'd write more, but really, I can be a lousy reviewer.

Back in my days in The Scroll, Darren, and my childhood friend Hafiz played for the Interact Day gathering and I thought even back then that they had pretty cool tunes. I took a picture of them, hoping to write a review about them in our last edition of The Scroll, but there just wasn't enough space unfortunately. Looking again at the picture, I wish I did. That's one photogenic picture.

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