Youtube, the moronic comment generator  

Posted by Kamelia

I browse Youtube.

I look for music videos mostly. Deprived of MTV or VChannel, due to ever responsible parents, who didn't want their precious children to be too western influenced. Should have thought twice then when you gave me Jane Austen to read, mummy dearest :)

Anyway, Youtube. A saviour to the new generation who are word challenged. Moving visual and pop music is the order of the decade. And the sheer convenience. Copy and paste, and voila, you have your very own video on your blog, facebook, friendster and what not. And for office going people, it saves the day from utter boredom.

So, it was no surprise when I saw my colleague yesterday browsing in Youtube, and stumbling upon videos of Malay peeping toms. Or better known as skodeng. They prowl lonely park corners, isolated water falls, and exchange videos with jilted exes, and publish these videos in Youtube for the world to see.

What does the world see? A malay girl, shameless and willing to strip. Kissing men, and giving oral sex. The world sees, and they comment. Thousands of comments, follow each video. And it is these comments which makes my blood really boil.

bengong...pakai tudung konon decent laa tuh..pdhal hipokrit nk mampos

pompuan tu da cuak nak mampos daa...
bangang ar korang ni
terus trang aku ckp..
korang mmg bangang!!!!

pompuan pompuan malasyia murah murah dan gampang yha.......hahahahahaha

bodoh..... klau mk ngan bapak dier tgk mst dh xngaku ank....
bek pg mampos r lg bagos
sesape yg berkenaan yg knal pompuan ne ckp ak nk trajang pompuan ne smpi mmpos

It sickens me to see these girls being cheated and coaxed by men, who I am sure had something to do with those videos being posted on the internet, are being solely blamed. And although she was probably really stupid to begin with for submitting to her boyfriend, or doing it in public, no one seems to realize that it's the men who are playing the real part in the explicit video.

As usual, the women gets all the blame.

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i agree...
kalaupun nk wat amateur porn at least letak la muka lahanat ko tue skali, kan?
nie tau plak malu cover muka sendiri sedangkan muka minah tue terang2 suluh lagi.
keji sangat...

Itu la...buat kerja keji macam tu, pastu perempuan tu yg kena caci...

Hye Kamelia, got to ur blog from Asyraf's blog. Hehe. Mmg sakit hati kalau mcm ni. And the comments are even worst, they will speak of the worst of women.. its really sick!

i agree that these women are not too bright in the sense that they let themselves be videoed. but sometimes there are innocent parties included.. like for example people being videoed in public toilets, and changing rooms. i hate how people can be so sick!

emo plak.. but good post kamelia. :) and ohya i deleted the previous comment i made because too many typos hehehe

Hehe, yeah, agreed. Somehow or rather some poor woman is being videotaped when she is at her most vulnerable. And it's sickening to see ppl commenting so harshly about them.

Hey Zakiah...lama tak jumpa!

im totally disgusted wif the malaysian men who posted these videos on youtube. Recently i found out that these skodeng videos are easily available at ur nearest dvd haram peddler for 5bucks. Skodeng vids frm batu feringgi, public universities etc. Its becum a lucrative bisnes!
makes u wonder, these people tak de kerje lain ke?

(1st of all most of these 'skodeng' videos takde pun consent frm the couples that they videotaped. Of course, these couples takleh nak lodge report or anything like that.)

i totally feel you girl, the comments are really harsh, ada yang nak terajang that lady etc...

yes, giving oral sex to your boyfriend in public is really not the smartest idea, but hey, who's the sick one here? izzit the woman who's just having a fun time with her partner or izzit the men who gets a kick frm videotaping people's private sex life?

and whats up with the insults to the woman? commenting on her pakai tudung etc? pakai tudung does not turn a person into a malaikat. she's still a person underneath her hijab, and you cant deny every person's right to explore their sexuality (as long as they do it safely)

and since these men are so 'religious' and morally right ,wat are they doing watching the video in the 1st place? (theyre probably jerking off to it too)

its sad really, how some people have to sit down, browse you tube, check out some demeaning videos and post stupid comments; just to make themselves feel better.

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