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These are pictures from a few weeks ago when I did my internship with CD Communications Group. One of our clients were Sime Darby, and we did their massive booth at the Minggu Amanah Saham Malaysia. There was basically only 5 of us most of the time, and I was the only girl. Awkward...but I did my best. I try not to make too much of a big deal of it, and even if Manoh woudln't admit it, I did do a lot of heavy lifting. Of course, the guys did much more than I did. Client servicing is a whole different ball game. What ever they say goes basically. We were there for 12 days, and on the first 4 days of the event, I spent most of my time outside, hunting for stuff they sent me out to buy or print or what not.

The guys (dare I say it?) turned out to be rather protective of me. We had plenty of fun, and every night, it was another ikan bakar place in Melaka that week. That short stint was an awakening for me. It nudged me even further away from pursuing a career in advertising, and it taught me a lot of about the harsh life of event management. Gila la...wakeup at 7am, back at the hotel at 1am. Not to mention the sheer physical work we had to do.

Jo and Nazry swore that I lost weight, and that if the event was abit longer...sure very kurus already.

But it ended (not soon enough!) and I was back recuperating at home. Piling on the weight again. Ugh...

A few days after Melaka, my internship ended. By then, I had already completed about 2 job interviews, and had 4 offers. Not bad for a girl used to flunk her mathematics.

Working life is pretty interesting so far. I get to write a lot. Less time for blogging and the like. Granted, it gears more towards press releases, but it's fun to be able to talk to students, and attend their events. It's only been about 2 weeks since I've started, and in the midst of it the fuel price went up. I now need to fork out at least RM100 a week to get to work. Sigh...

Here are some pictures from the event. I have plenty more showing the spectacular 600 square meter booth with 3 water features. I'll see if I would have the time or patience to upload them later.





(Above, top) Manoh, Nazry, me, Jo. Our hangout was always in the store room. 

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