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I'm a really strange person. I can't remember the simplest things. I coudln't remember to do the laundry last night. The other day I forgot to put the cat out. Until this day, I still can't recite my 7 time tables correctly. My memory is so poor when it comes to these things. But there are things in my past that I remember to this day. Like how my mom taught me how to swim when I was two years old. I could still remember the colour of her swimsuit, and the look on my father's face : amused. I remember holding my first mug, I remember my first best friend, I remember the boy who used to sit next to me in the school bus, I remember the colour of my first pencilbox. It's strange how vast the memories that live in me sometimes. And I wonder whether it's the same for everyone else. I stayed up until 5 a.m. last night with photos, letters, cards and momentos that I've collected since I was 6. I was so overwhelmed with all the things that have kept me happy, and things that has broke my heart. Friends I have made, and friends I have lost. When was the last time someone looked back on their life, and took a moment to centre themselves? If they did, I wonder whether they felt the same way that I did. Lost in time...wishing they could go back

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