Wassup with that??  

Posted by Kamelia

What's up with blogs anyway? Why do people have this thrill of exposing all of their little insignificant experiances online, where EVERY tom, dick and harry can read. It's ironic in a way. Gone are the days where you'd hide your diary in the most obscure space, and hope to God no one would ever know what you've just written in it. That escapade you had on New Year's Eve, (Your mom would kill you!) or that time you wrote a secret admirer's note to your crush, (You'd die if he finds out it was from who!) or your secret ambition to be a singer and take the music world by storm! Those days are all out of the window! People take pride in their secrets now. The more unique and bizarre, the better, and then plaster them all over the internet, HOPING someone would read it. It's strange in some ways right? But in a way, it also makes sense. Have you ever had that feeling : if only my diary could talk back to me, and tell me what to do. Here I am pouring all of my inner most secrets to a book, but it's the only "person" that won't be able to talk back. Blogs and personal websites have gained popularity because now it is possible for your "diary" to talk back. That's if people read it lah. It's like you are on a deserted island, and you have a piece of paper, a pencil and a bottle with a cork. You write something, you put it in the bottle, and put the cork in. You say a prayer, and cast your hopes and dreams into the turbulent waters. Heaven knows, your prayers might be answered.

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