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Posted by Kamelia

I used to loathe travelling with my family. The constant bickering over the air conditioning, the hours spent at close quarters with my siblings, and worse of all missing all of my favourite television programmes. Although I still have to go through all the above, I've begun to appreciate these family vacations. I started listening to my parents reminiscing about the times they were dating and all the history they had together.

Recently, on odd circumstances, I ended up travelling to the East Coast (In Malaysia lah) twice in a week! I was suprised to find out all the things that has happened between my parents in Kelantan, and Terengganu. The restaurants they frequented, the low cost houses that they used to stay at, and even the bank where my mom received her first paycheck. Although all these things did little to interest my other sibling, I found them fascinating. I thought I know everything there was to know about my parents, but I realized that there is so much more that I don't know.

They visited old friends that told me without hesitation how my parents were back then. As I laughed away at imagining my dad swimming across the Kelantan river to steal a watermelon, I realized that I was truly enjoying myself. In another few weeks time I will be busy with University, and I'd be too caught up with studying. I doubt I would be able to travel across the country with my parents that same way again. It fills me with a sense of finality.

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