In The Fashion Designer's Room  

Posted by Kamelia

So, here I am, in my friend Erin's room, dressing up to the nines, for my first function as an advertising student. Themed Fashion Friction, it got us fantasizing about the most outrageous outfits to go with the theme. Needless to say, I ended up looking very much like the plain jane that I am. Still, I'm pretty much dressed up compared to my usual dress up. Looking forward to see Yanti sing, and what dinner's about, coz I'm freaking hungry!

It's been a loooong day for me, starting at 6am. PERKAD was terrible, and despite the titters we got from doing all the wrong moves, we soldiered on! Mass Comm student ma...all thick skinned! It was still an unforgettable experiance, plus I'm guaranteed an A for my co-curriculum GPA, which made it all worth it I guess. Blood, tears, and blisters included.

I'm missing home terribly, haven't been home in two weeks. (nothing compared to some of the students here) Khairol haven't been home in Kedah since he studied here! Still, I'm missing Mama, home cooked food, and my lovely bed. Looking forward to going home next week.

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