Live for the moment - Dance in the rain  

Posted by Kamelia

I think in my heart of hearts, I've always wanted to do what I did. There's something so tactile about it, it's adrenaline rush. What? What u think I'm talking about?

Well, I'm talking about the rain. You would think that living in a tropical country, you wuld get wet in the rain a whole lot of times. But ask the average person, and it is not the case. People go to great lengths not to get wet. They carry umbrellas, the motorcyclists stop to shelter under overhead bridges, and students in UiTM would rather stay in their faculties until oast 6 in the evening to avoid getting wet from the rain. At least...the's what I would do.

Until today that is. B convinced me to redah the rain instead of wasting all of our time waiting for the rain to stop/ And knowing Malaysian rain, it could only get worse. So we took a deep breath and ran.

I think it made me really happy. Something about rain flowng down your skin. It feels really liberating. I soon became conscious of my shoes, squishing and it felt really uncomfortable.Refusing to let it hamper me fun, I took them off and walked barefoot.

Which made it even more freeing.

Something about the rain has always amazed me. It'll put you into a certain mood. There are times when I catch myself staring out the window, trying to see myself in every raindrop. Hypnotizing...

Next time it rains, don't be too hasty to get out of it. Don't worry so much about the impending sickness you are going to get. For for the moment.

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YEAH!! It was so much FUNN..~!

I need to shoot you B for teaching an innocent gal like cammy, to make herself susceptible to pathogens!

dah lama tak mandi hujan

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