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Was at Istana Budaya yesterday for the Matinee of M! The Opera. Very impressive opening, and as it was my first time, (I know, how jakun of me) at a full theatre production, I must say, I'm impressed at how far Malaysia have come in the performing arts scence. The stage was designed really well, and rumours of it being nothing but a white elephant have been proven to be untrue.

We met Iza and Jezzy (no idea how to spell his name) at the Teratai bus stop, and got seats next to each other, which really brightened things up that day. (More people = more mischevious) I shall say no more, in case some girl in a polka dotted dress plans to stalk me. Here are some pictures of the day's events.

Me and B still in the room.

B and Iza in front of Istana Budaya before the show

Proof of our existence in Istana Budaya. My feet, B's, Iza'a, and furthest in the shadows are Jezzy's

M! The Opera! Starring Khir Rahman, Doreen Tang, Paula Malai Ali, Azean Irdawaty, and George Chan to name a few. Loved Doreen Tang, her voice is like a Siren!

Iza, me, B and Jezzy after the show. Hungry like mad, and elated that we didn't waste a Sunday at college

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