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My heart bleeds...

It weeps for the days gone by when life was simpler. I remember all the things that were said and done, and all I want to do is to run away.

I've always thought I was a caring, and sensitive person that is intuitive enough to know what that other person is thinking. But I guess other people is always going to know the real you better than yourself. So imagine my ultimate shock at being branded as the horrible person I thought I never was.

Am I really sucha terrible person? The Bad person that never listens to what other people say? Interested in only meeting her own ends? Think of only herself, and no one else? Caught up in her own world, Hated by most instead of the other way round?

Most importantly, should I even care what other people say? Sticks and stones would break my bones, but words will never hurt me. (Yeah Right!)
I'd follow you to the ends of the earth, you know that right? Are my words not to be believed compared to His? Although I care for Him too. Want Him to think good of me too.

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no-lah. as far as i am concern, you are not a b i t c h lol. but if people tends to think you of being one (like me at the fac), then screw other people. they don't belong you and you don't owe them anything. why bother right? pah.... ^_^

*me yawns* What did I make you see la Kamy? and tell me if I did not take ur hubby to see you on Sunday? Still lonely meh? Anyway, just thought I'd post here since it'll be better off than posting in the previous post right ;)

Would'nt you feel lonely in a crowd of millions? Anyway, thanks for picking me up on Sunday. I'd kiss you to show my gratitude...but obviously can't :P
And what about the previous post?

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