Chocolate Day Out  

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It all started with Kemberly gushing about the sale she went to at a Networth chocolate factory, and bought a HUGE packet of chocolate krispies for only rm7. And then she goes, "There's going to be another sale next week, at the Cadbury factory!"

Me and B look at each other, big chocolate discs in our eye, and salivating at the thought of buying lots and lots of chocolates at less than half the price! So there we were, with Eddy queing up in front of the Cadbury factory at 1.30 in the afternoon, with chocolate dreams.

The queue was pretty long, but thoughts of cheap chocolate sustained us.

Things started out pretty peachy. Everyone was high on chocolate adrenaline, and things were pretty cheerful.

And then it got real dull. 30 minutes into queing up in the hot sun, and we start hallucinating. Dehydrated. Haven't drank much water in the last 3 hours due to the fact that the filtering water machine in college is *kaput*.

More than an hour of waiting, funny things happen to you. Eddy the camera slut no longer wants to take pictures. Which by itself, is pretty weird already. B is getting really delirious by this time. Lack of water shows on her face. And yet, thoughts of chocolate still sustain us.

I'm really dehydrated at this point, and pretty pissed since some people cut the queue. But since my superego was being pretty strong that day, I resisted doing the same. By now, 2 hours in the line already. And here's the pretty interesting part, but I don't have the pictures with me. We are right in front of the door, waiting our turn to go in, when this obnoxious malay dude, (with a diamond studded belt) let's his friend in, who was right at the back of the line. Everyone was shouting at him to get out, and he said "kejap, kejap!" but totally ignored us, and cut the line without conscience! His girlfriend has a Guess handbag, and it was all we could do to not pull her long earrings right off. We finally get inside, and it's a mob! But get this, Cadbury's Picnic Bar = RM1, chocettes=RM1, chocolate drink=RM7, melting moments= RM5 (or was it 7?), hazelnut cookies=RM2.

I got quite a lot for only RM20.

Our LOOT!! We paid less than RM100 for all of this.

B and Eddy grabbed everything they could set their hands on. I was more concerned about the money flowing out of my pocket, so I was a little thrifty. Although I'll have to say, it was a very good bargain.

Yups, that's our loot. And it you notice on the right, there's actually another bag! It was well worth the wait, and in some twisted way, we kind of owe it to Kemberly. Thanks Kim! Although I was pretty tired by the time I was supposed to get ready for Advertising Night. So-so food, and lousy organization. But enough about that. It's another story for another day.

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wahlao... choco overload! LARRIII!!! btw, kemsalam kat eddy ek? he looked hot...hehe... ^_^

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