Neslo Ice, satu!!  

Posted by Kamelia

Malaysian work ethics. I can never understand them. Or maybe it's an isolated incident. I don't know, you tell me.

I came to the faculty this morning, starving. Lack of proper meals this entire week, coupled with not enough sleep. (I blame it on last minute work) So, I hurried to the cafeteria, looking forward to my favourite Neslo ais, and sandwhich. With apparent enthusiasm, I started with "Bang! Neslo Ais satu!"

"Sori kak (I'm a kak now, feels so funny compared to the 'dik' I'm more used to) Nesloa takde"

"Ok la, bagi milo ais satu" (now quite flustered)

"Sori, milo habis, tu sebab takde Neslo!" (grinning like a sadist)

"Ai...bagi teh o ais limau je lah"

"er...limau takde kak, teh o je boleh?"

This was on a good day mind you. Last week, they didn't have ice!!

Sigh...I still want my neslo ais.

My presentation just now. Mixed up the slides. Silly me!

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I take it you're studiying at LICT? Or some other well-known college? Wah, canteen facilities so bad wan ah? heheheh...

ceh...well known? if you can call UiTM that :P I guess that explains the cafeteria a lot already.

Happens I guess..

hey.. y0z.. update~~

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