I've been mugged at knife point.  

Posted by Kamelia

I saw him coming from in front of me, and yet that thought that is often hammered into us plays in my head. "No, it coudl'nt be. It can't happen to me. It would never happen to me." But as he takes his knife out, and point it to my chest, while looking at my handbag, my chest went cold, and it felt surreal. "This really is happening to me."

Frantic, I took my money out, and offered it to him. He pulls me by the hand and points to some bushes nearby. Hell no. I wasn't going to allow him that. However stupid or scared I was then, I refused. He then asked for my handphone. I genuinely thought I left it at home. So I said no. He grabs my handbag, and sees my handphone, and he looks at me, and asks, "Awak ini Cina ke?"

What the hell??

Of all the damn questions to ask them with a knife at my chest. I said no. "Melayu ke?" I said yes. He takes me handphone, and hands back bag. As if sanity kicking in, I asked, "Boleh bagi sim card tak?" He hands me BACK the handphone, and asked me to take it out myself. At that moment, I was wondering, should I run for it? Should I scream? I look around me. Empty. No one around. Just my luck. I wasn't exactly a picture of fitness. And by the looks of this guy, he'd probably outrun me. I looked at him. He doesn't seem like someone who would hurt people really. Probably desperate. But anything could go wrong. Visions of stabbing and blood on the ground told me it wasn't worth it.

So, with trembling hands, I took my sim card out, and it the second before he took the phone away from my hands, I managed to grab onto the friendship band Smita gave me so many years ago, attached to the phone.

I bolted, and as I looked back, I saw him runnin the opposite way.

I ran towards the shoplots, and went straight for the pay phone. First person I called? Baby. Second person? My dad. Could'nt remember my mom's number, although she's nearer. I should have ran and screamed for the police then, but I didn't In fact, I haven't gone to the police yet.

So that's it people. I am handphoneless.

But I still have my number.

Thanking God he wasn't a bloodthirsty murderer. Or worse, a rapist.

The friendship band I rescued

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Some people could do weird things when they're desperate. Probably the guy too. I in the other hard feel bad about whatever happened to you but as I said, I think that you should be thankful since you're not hurt and so on. Peace be upon you girl ;)

Hm,it was lucky that nothing happened to you,so many times i told you not to walk to that shoplots alone...Nevermind,at least u'v learned the bliss of life and payed (only) with your handphone.After this get urself a pepper spray and pray that u wont have to use it...

When the bf sends word, I shall keep quiet *me goes off with the wind*

I still miss my handphone...:(

Hehe...so when are you going to get me the pepper spray?

I think the one who got mugged was you and not him. So, why would he get one? >_>

I'm glad huzaifah told B, and B told me and I read your blog and I got worried half way through and I was relieved at the end.

Listen to huzaifah, get pepper spray. Walk in crowds.

Alhamdullilah, you are okay...

Good thing you're fine.

:D That's all that matters.

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