Multiple Personalities  

Posted by Kamelia

Anyone who has known me for a short time will know that I am terrible at remembering things. It's not necessarily because I do not care about them, it’s simply how I am built. Or maybe that's the excuse I try to give. Anyway, although I have a terrible memory, there are some things that just simply stick to my mind like stubborn chewing gum on your soles. Like this particular line from Nip/Tuck.

“Don't we all have multiple personalities? To my mom, I am a daughter, to my friends, I am a lesbian, to my dog, I am God.”

Which I think is pretty deep. We (I mean us sane ones) try and diagnose people who talk and act crazy with schizophrenia or multiple personality disorder, when really, it's in all of us. Think back and reflect how vastly different our personality changes in front of different people. We are angels in front of our parents. Incapable of sin, obedient in every way (or at least, we try to be). In front of different groups of peers, again we change. We are wickedly funny with this one crowd, and incredibly studious with another. We are cheeky with one teacher, but totally indifferent to another one. We are constantly searching of the one thing that truly defines us, and our heads spin as we try to find an answer.

And then we find that one person that we can truly be ourselves. And that internal struggle ends. New ones begin. We'd always have multiple personalities somehow. It's what's makes us tick.

Dysfunctional doesn't even begin to describe.

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