Why Lines?  

Posted by Kamelia

I've received a fair amount of jibes for coming up with the blog title : Lines of My Life. I was cleaning out my room last night, and I suddenly remembered how it all started. How the title came about. It was in my diary that I kept a long time ago when I was 12.

I think I was a hopeless romantic back then. I don't mean being romantic as in "Oh, one day my prince will come" crap. Romantic, meaning I was pretty idealistic and sentimental. I kept my diary pretty religiously. I wrote stupid stuff really. About boys who broke my heart, and those who made me smile. About family turbulence, and silly poems that I laugh at when I read them now. I would remember quaotations from books and movies, and they still make sense today when I read through them again.

Maybe that's what fuelled my passion for literature. Where there were never right or wrong answers, as long as it's justified. I was a dreamer in class. I'm not sure whether I still am. I write less now. I dream less maybe, because life is harsh, and I realize that. I've never met anyone who could write as passionately as I did. Felt the same things as the ink flowed, or dreamt the same dreams. I've had good friends, best friends even. And yet, I've never met another fellow writer who mirrors my thoughts. The sister I never had. I did one day. She left, and I've missed her ever since. No one seems to understand why I do, since she left without saying goodbye. Baby asks why I still pine after her. Maybe it has something to do with a poem. A poem, that rendered me speechless, and overwhelmed. Because I knew her as a writer, I knew that she didn't just write it without meaning it. I still harbour the hope to see her again one day. And explain things again. Or maybe things would just pick up where we left off. Amd then I'd be able to explain, why Lines?

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This post totally tugs at my heartstrings... *sigh* It's just soooo sad...

I still remember the days when u used to flood me on irc with your poems. A poet you once were and I'd say its true. Thank God I quit IRC coz' it helps me sleep at night. Sometimes, what you write does make sense but some other times, I simply wont understand. Let's just say I'm too naive to understand the bits of "The lines of 'Your' life". Cheers! :)

My poems kacau your sleep ke laj? And Jahui, the stuff you write is pretty sad too :P

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