Of Perceptions...  

Posted by Kamelia

There are some things that is simply so ingrained in some people's minds that it is hard if impossible to change. You would think that in this day and age, that people could keep their minds open, and to accept. To think outside the box, and not be confined to what they have grown to know is the norm. What kind of things you say has been so ingrained, that they can't seem to change their minds about? Here's a list. And it's a short one.

1. Indians are smelly.

2. Malays are lazy.

3. Chinese are all lying profiteers.

4. English speaking students are all educated and "intelligent".

5. Wearing the tudung makes you "kampung"

6. Rural folks are ignorant.

7. Refusal to conform makes you an eccentric.

8. All policemen are corrupted.

9. Being quiet makes you arrogant.

10. Not answering to cat calls makes you arrogant.

11. Answering cat calls makes you a slut.

12. Anything Western is better.

13. Being concerned is to be a busybody.

14. Having a foreign accent makes you cool.

15. Having friends from other races makes you a traitor.

16. Not baring your skin makes you a prude.

17. Baring your skin makes you a whore.

18. Women are all bad drivers.

19. Men are all superb drivers.

20. Continued....unless you want to add more?

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18. Women are all bad drivers.

nothing changes this. :P

19. All men are plagued with porn

nothing changes this.

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