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For someone who has claimed to have moved on, wonder why still harping on an issue no one bothers about anymore.

Your price tag: RM125 + RM12

Seeing you rant like a an immature idiot: Priceless

(Wash your mouth with soap lah...bulan Ramadhan pun wanna cuss)

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be mature la wei..isu dah abes!!!!

Oh please...look who's talking. Nak cakap isu dah habis....sila khabarkan kepada si dia yang mengumpat dulu. ok?

And I turned on the anonymous feature to weed out the cowards. Clearly I see a winner! To quote: "Be more mature la wei!"

Ramadhan is over.. wanking time~~
*me wanks*


sumtimes when you think u have found a right person to be your best friend (for the moment) ,you totally wrong babe especially in Uitm Shah Alam masscom..

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