I need a Dream Catcher  

Posted by Kamelia

A faint musty smell entered my nostrils. For some reason, I have ended up in front of the line, a huge LCD screen illuminated the grounds with its harsh red lights. I blinked as I saw the soldiers turned the countdown on. They all load their guns, and line up in front of us. Their faces menacing and staring directly to me. Behind me, I could hear my brother cowering. I dare not turn around. The numbers appear. 60…59…58…

The seconds of my life force ticks away, and I was powerless to stop it. I close my eyes, and I was crying in the inside, wanting to do my life all over again. I never wanted it to end this way. 10…9…8….

An explosion far off in the distance. The sound becomes louder, and despite the captain’s orders, the soldiers turn around to see the commotion. Fire and debris in the air. Acrid smoke fill the sky. The explosions seem to move closer. They begin to shout and scream. We seem to be forgotten.

I turned around to face my brother. “Run. Don’t turn back.” He nods and beckons me to come with him. We begin to run towards the cluster of houses on the other side of the village. The soldiers notice us running away, and tries to catch us. But the maze of houses is too much for them. Soon the commotion begins to fade. We walk deeper into the maze of houses. The smell of drains and bad eggs was strong, as we move in the back alleys and forgotten paths.

Our breaths breaks the otherwise silent night. We were walking fast. In a direction that’s unknown…

Wow...it must be the final exams huh?

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