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I was surprised to see the status of my blog recently.

100 posts.

Who would have thought that after 4 years of writing in this blog, I would reach this milestone. My blog have since evolved and metamorphosed into such an unregconizable thing compared to when I first started.

Which I can't say the same for the malay drama industry. It's been almost a year now since I've rented outside of campus, and having ample time to surf channels in the afternoons and evenings, I've watched (although not intensively) some malay dramas, and I'm surprised at just how boring they can be, and how it seems to entertain the most gullible and uneducated of people.

These dramas lack real cinematography. Although frustrated with scenes like luxury cars coming into the driveway, I at least understand that they have to fill the extra time with something. But the lacklustre script, repeated since the time I've been born is rather disconcerting to say the least. What is it with malays protraying bitchy, vain, vindicative and calculative women, and houses with stairscases that go on forever, with datins and datuks hibernating in them.

How very unoriginal.

And every year, the drama that wins the Anugerah Skrin Awards happen to be the most boring one of all. If the media portrays the society's face, than I am extremely sad that the society is extremely backward in their taste for entertainment. As if we haven't seen enough of women submit to their fate, as everyone around her beats her down.

The few good dramas is just that. There's too few of them. And although I've brushed it aside as bimbo-ish and insulting to the woman's intelligence, I must admit the Gol & Gincu was one of the few good ones, along with Reality and Each Other. And although I would love to see more of these brand of series, the odds are stacked, as people still prefer the stereotyped kind of drama.

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