Being Left Behind...  

Posted by Kamelia

Have you ever had the feeling that you are being left behind? That you're trailing behind when everyone else is so far ahead of you, and you're never going to catch up to them.

"Elaborate" says a good friend of mine, Jia Hui.

I used to be so close to certain people back when I was in high school. Even when our class teacher warned us that high school friendship never lasts, I made a promise to myself then that it would never happen to me.

It has been more than 5 years since I left form 5, and and all of us have drifted apart to different corners of the earth. But distance should not matter anymore, not when everyone's connected to MSN and MySpace and Friendster. And yet, everyone chooses to ignore that other person. It's easier to pretend they are not there rather than making small talk and indulge in boring going ons in one's life. Small we have degraded since those gut-spilling truth-and-dare sessions between classes.

I decided to "reunite" with my old friends today, and looked them up on Friendster. How different everyone is now. PC looks all boyish now, (there used to be a hint of girl :P) Kas is still the socialite, Sarita, who used to have curly goldilocks hair, now has straight hair, and Hazrina has pretty much shut me out from her life ever since I left that small offline note. Chico....well, what can I say, still the life of the party and the klutz that all the guys seem to have crushes on. Prashant and Aravind still the heartthrobs I know them to be, only wiser now. And Masitah has a new man in her life now, a hot one at that!

I am guilty for not keeping in touch with them. I'll admit that. But it works both ways right? I miss you guys so much. And UiTM sucks, because I can never find someone to replace any of you.

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kHigh school friendships don't last is a rather general statement. I think friendships, like all relationships, depends rather on the individuals who are involved. If we don't make an effort to keep it up, it won't last and vice versa. Sure we've changed in some way since high school but relationships are not supposed to be about how much we've changed or not. Its supposed to be about appreciating the time we spent together, about our journey in those 5 years or so. I have to admit that I'm not the most reliable person when it comes to keeping in touch but I'll never forget those years or those moments of my life good or bad, they played a part in moulding me into the person I am today.

FYI: My hair isn't straight....still curly...just straightened it temporarily in those pics on friendster :)

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