Word Vomit  

Posted by Kamelia

And the poison from his lips still continued long after the battle. He struts down the corridor and passes the door. The glass between us a mere divide that threatens to burst into flames as our eyes meet, and hatred poured. For a fleeting moment, daggers flew and dust clouded over the aftermath. He averted his eyes, and proceeded to the door in front of him, cigarette smoke billowed before the fire escape door shut tight, concealing the monsters behind it.

An involuntary flashback occurs in my mind's eye, and I heard that pretentious voice behind me. An accent so fake, one might puncture it with a pin, and unearth the silicon beneath it. Lies dripping with deceit dropped like cow dung as he injected more poison into the minds of those around him.

My heart raced, and words flew around in my head, casting the right words into place and arranged themselves in my head. It was a comeback so strong and venomous that the ego of that monster might just deflate itself into the thin bubblegum stuck beneath my shoe. Word vomit. It rose from deep in me, and I felt it rising above the rest, settled behind my tongue, escaped past my teeth and sat on my lips.

Clarity returned, and my mind cleared. The Big Kahuna asked in return, and turned to me. I contemplated. The venom on my lips was a temptress, willing me to inject it's poison into the veins of the liar. The higher road presented itself an opportunity. I bit back those bitter words. I suppressed the truth. Simple minds need not know of it. They believe in what they choose to believe. And so I swallow the word vomit that threatened to spill itself.

Until another day...

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