Don't Blame Women  

Posted by Kamelia

It just ticks me off when the mass media seems to always be blaming women when it comes to "Pembuangan Bayi" (Child abandonment). It's always about the immoral woman, the disgusting acts of zina committed by women that results in their being pregnant, and their irresponsibility at leaving the baby on the steps of mosques, or dumping them in garbage bins. This rant is usually followed by a statement on how could these women be so "tergamak" to abandon their own flesh and blood.

Very rarely does this rant include the fact that the illegitimate child was created along with the sperms of equally irresponsible men. Or the fact that women probably go to such drastic measures because the men refuse to take responsibility on their actions. Or how about the fact that there are very few outlets for a desperate pregnant girl to go. Coupled with the stigma that comes with being pregnant out of wedlock, it's no wonder that a woman would go to such desperate measures.

It just makes me so mad when shows like Edisi Siasat goes into every disgusting detail about the female prostitute, and rarely acknowledges the men that actually drives the industry in the first place. Or how about women who are caught into prostitution in the first place, and are tricked into vice by calculating men.

The Malay mindset is simply a very sad state to me sometimes. How they just can't open their eyes and heart to reality of things. Would there ever come a day where they would be able to see both sides of the coin? When they are able to feel with their heart, and not their head.

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thats what happen when women forgets to be women!

they will abaddon thier own child?

Whose fault is it?
well it is the mother fault...

the baby have no father, ya know!

Hello, women never forgets to be women. They are constantly reminded of it whether they like or or not. No baby in this world has no father la dum dum. Learn science again lor. And if the bastardous man that impregnated her took responsibility, she wouldn't have to abandon the baby in the first place. What I'm saying is, no woman who abandons her child is solely responsible for it. The man is as well.

the door is open, sure la people come in...thats my opinion... :p cheers!

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