Emotions in Check  

Posted by Kamelia

...so it has been five semesters in my pursuit for a degree in Advertising in UiTM's Mass Communication faculty. At around this time, two years ago, I arrived here not knowing what to expect. There has been awkward pauses and starts. One learns how to walk straight and grow a thick skin once you have stumbled and fell.

After two years, everyone in my batch can't help but take stock of all that has happened. Friends that have been made, friends that turn out to be quite different from what you have expected. But it's all good, as you learn from your mistakes and move on.

Upheavals happen every now and then. And there's probably one very big one going on at the moment.

Tears shed.

Hearts broken.

Rude names called behind one's back.

But I've grown a rather thick skin and have learnt to ignore them.

It's an awkward predicament to be in. And I am guessing that things would only get harder once we venture to the "outside" world. So you learn to take it all in your stride.

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