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Posted by Kamelia

I am back in Shah Alam! The new semester now beckons. After much ass-growing, and potato-couching at home, I am looking forward to lots of assignments, and seeing my classmates. Yes, it is a weird thing to look forward to, but I am a weird person.

Illusions and dreams of changing my blog background to something more suitable has eluded me, as I discovered that the internet in my apartment is no longer working after being neglected for more than a month. Yes, we all seem have to have forgotten the password. Of all the things to happen. So, until we sort that out with TmNet, I am relegated to this pathetic little cafe, where my time is confined to the amount of battery I have on my laptop.

What have I been up to during my near 2 months of holiday? Well, look up for the next post. Lots of pictures, and Shy is you are reading this, lots of cute pictures of Teddy!

Hopefully the next post is going to be written when the internet in my apartment is up and running.

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thanks for the birthday wish cammy...
strive for excellent in this new semester ye?


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