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Have you lost yourself in the moment? To be so completely involved in that single moment in time. Like a song that transports you. Or a shadow cast onto the ground in the most perfect angle. The breadth of it inspires you to dream. Every single being in your body responds to that moment.

As suddenly as it came, it goes away.

You've felt it before. You know what it feels like. You hold on to it for as long as you can. But as soon as you try to hang on to it, it fades away, slipping through you fingers.

During a tuition session with Tuti, we did Keats' Ode to Melancholy. She said something really profound that stayed with me to this day. She said that we couldn't be melancholic in the truest sense until we have experienced acute happiness. It is at that moment of happiness that we realize that, that moment will be gone. With happiness, you can't help but feel that utter feeling of sadness. Of that feeling of happiness being short lived.

Do you feel that? I do. I am so aware of it. And it scares me sometimes.

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