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When we were in primary school, or even sometimes when in secondary school, the homework teachers usually gave the first day we were back in school was... "What I did during my school holidays..."

My very large and about-to-be-married cousin, Winfield used to tell us this story about a cheeky boy in his class. His two page essay consisted of...

"On the first day of my school holidays I woke up from bed, ate, watched TV, played video games and slept. On the second day of my school holidays, I woke up from bed, ate, watched TV, played video games and slept...."

And so on for about thirty lines.

Not only did he get the failing grade, the headmaster was so impressed with his essay, he read is during assembly!

Instead of writing some boring stuff, I'm going to say it in pictures instead.

I soon realized that it was going to be my last semester break, since the next break would already be my industrial training. So I stayed at home, and didn't bother to go and work. It would have been impossible anyway. Mantin, as Aravind put it is in the middle of no where! So I did lots of gardening with my parents. It's truly fulfilling to see the fruits of your labour. (That's a bird's nest in the bamboo!)

My loyal companion was Teddy. His unexplained disappearances was at times worrying, but he always managed to come home and cuddle in my arms. He also makes the best model for my pictures.

But he does get irritated by the attention sometimes!

Kak G and Abang Lan came by often enough, and we had eventful dinners and Sunday morning breakfasts together. We headed to Bagan Lalang one day for dinner. Lovely seafood. The sting ray was perfect!

A week in June was the school holidays. So me, Mama and Wawa did lots of baking together. We whipped up chocolate cake, cream puffs and lots of bread pudding for Papa. It was also tennis season. Roland Garros was on, and it was really hypnotizing to watch Nadal on the clay courts. But other than that tennis bore me.

One evening, while the sun was setting, my dad was at the pasar malam, and being huge fan of fruits, he didn't question much when he came across a stall selling a supposedly "cross-breed" of apple and guava. Neither did he notice that the colour was unusually bright. Next morning dawned, and we noticed a funny film covering the fruit. That evening, we read the papers. The apple guava cross-breed was a hoax! They skin and cut the guava to resemble apples, and DYE the fruit. My father being a diabetic, thanked his lucky stars that he hasn't ate the disguised fruit yet.

Nights were beautiful in Mantin. It is an uninterrupted view of the moon and the stars. The breeze is awesome, and I pity city folks who not know what they are missing. Staying in KL may mean that you are 20 minutes away from KLCC and night clubs, but not being able to see the sky? That is simply sad.

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