Finally a ride home...  

Posted by Kamelia

I finally have a car. After years of driving my mom's satria, I finally get to taste the freedom and joy of having my own ride. Nothing fancy. It's just a Perodua Myvi. But it's still a car right? It's not even the full spec version, just the standard one. 1.3 Ez, it's got to be automatic baby. No way am I going to hurdle traffic in a manual car. Especially since the last time I drove a manual car was way back when I took driving lessons.

By the way, it's red. Nope, not the metallic red. The solid red. The red the practically screams at you when it's parked in the bright sunlight. The red that really makes me wish that the solid white was in stock when I ordered for the car. Sigh...

But you can never miss it. It's like a bright beacon among the other dull car colours.

Little teddy swinging in motion. Bear courtesy from Winfield and Wynne's wedding reception.

I'm planning to change this to the Sony Xplod my mom has stashed in the store room.

Really...there's nothing very remarkable about this. Just that the controls are much more user friendly compared to Proton's.


But I'll tell you something, I've had two Proton cars before this, and even though Perodua maybe inferior when it comes to handling, speed and power, I'm impressed at the level of quality in the normal components. When we bought the Satria Neo, we discovered there was no central locking, and the remote went haywire and the glove compartment wouldn't open. So far, no problem with the Myvi.

Baby insists on driving though. All the time. (Hmph!) He doesn't trust women with cars. I'm included.


But I'm happy.

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dengkinye dia ada kerete sendiri...
erm... i think we young folks should drive a manual, rather than an auto.
well..mebbe because i live in the outskirt, and the road are more like highway so a manual car would be perfect.
its great to see you finally have your own ride. ble nk wat makeover...
pimpin' it out a bit... ahaks...

oo...yeah. I nak tint gelap! And sport rims...gotta have some sport rims!

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