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Have you tried googling (can't believe that's a verb now) your own name on google images? It's interesting to see other people with your name. Especially when people who have been searching for my name, are really hoping to see this woman:

Apparently, my name is also a Playboy playmate in another life. Meet Kamelia: the Russian porn star. People who search for "Kamelia" hoping to see this woman ends up disappointingly browsing through my blog. Even saddening are those who search for "Kamelia Sex Video" (16.67%) according to my trusty ShinyStat report. Sorry horny dudes. (or dudettes) There are no sex videos here. All you shall see are ramblings of someone who is strangely not offended that her namesake is on a porn star.

After googling for my name image, I decided to try it with my other friends' names. So, meet Kasthuri:

Poor thing. All this while, I imagined Kasthuri as a girl. Or at least the sapi or the limau. Hehe.

And Huzaifah Azman:

I do see the likeness

How about Hallaj:

I see where his morbidity comes from

Dah tentu ini disebabkan orang yang takde kerja... 0.O

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._. You know that its not the first result (at least not from my side) ._.

It was the most INTERESTING result. Hehe...

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