acquired taste  

Posted by Kamelia

I love peppermint. Love them in chocolates, in ice cream, as doughnut filling, in coffee, in biscuits. Ah get the picture. But how come not many people like them much? It's an acquired taste I suppose. But why does it happen to be a coincidence that all the people I've met you like peppermint as much as I do, happen to be nice, intelligent, independent human beings such as myself?

Something about the refreshing mint must be affecting our brains in more ways than we imagine.

Excuse me while I indulge in this green donut of mine...

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I don't fancy my food tasting like COLGATE :p least I don't eat smoke

PEPPERMINT Is delicious. so far i only know TWO people (including u) who like peppermint. its just sad

Haha...yeah isn't it? But I don't mind. The more for me!

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