What Facebook, Friendster & Myspace have spawned  

Posted by Kamelia

Chest out. Cleavage - check.

Chin out. Bitchy girly pose - check.

Glass of booze high in the air. - check.

Horny guy cheek to cheek - check.

Pout lips and think = "Oh no, I am a liberal! This is me being me! I'm an open minded malay. Anyone who thinks this is taboo is just so kampung."

Is it just me, or is everyone else is just as tired of seeing those damn posers.

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You know what I think my biggest mistake was? (you know, about Facebook, Friendster, etc) It was actually creating an account with them :(


it seems like they're becoming a somewhat soft-core porn site huh? -CheekyMonkey

Well...I think they are great to get in touch with friends. But it's become a medium where ppl can be mean, vain, conceited and downright uncivilized sometimes. And yeah, almost like soft-porn. :D

i constantly check on my myspace just to keep in touch with old friends from high school and boy have they changed a lot...



semua orang nk that 30-seconds worth of fame...

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