Vat to vote?  

Posted by Kamelia

It's voting day tomorrow. Where will you be?

I will be voting of course, and for the life of me, I still am undecided. I tried to make a decision over the past few days. Surf some blogs, and read what they have to say. The opposition and the government. And I still find both of them to talk a whole lot of crap.

I'm no fan of PAS. No matter what you say about BN, or what propaganda they have blown about the opposition, fact still remains that they are too ultra conservative for Malaysia. Having seperate checkout counters for women and men in Tesco? Are you freaking kidding me? What, if I came in with my husband, he wouldn't be able to accompany me, and I him? Or what if a woman were to have his teenage son push the trolly for him? They can't queue together. That is just freaking stupid. And imposing segregation of sexes to everyone else who is not muslim? That is simply unconstitutional and unfair. PAS of course is already talking about the segregation of sexes in other places.

Tour groups.

Yup, no longer can families have their holidays together. Sons and father in another tour bus. Wife and daughters in another tour bus with a female tour operator. Yeah, good luck finding those.

Keadilan, on the other hand is all about justice for the people, and the issues they talk about have a valid point. And then Chandra Muzaffar becomes a whistle blower. And that all falls apart. Suddenly everyone is seeing Anuar in a different light. Including myself. Yup, I can be a real lalang when it comes to Malaysian politics.

BN's advertising campaign has the expected angle. Peace, and racial harmony and what not. I find it rather hypocritical coming from a party which divides their parties according to race. We may have peace and harmony and all that. But ignoring what's in front of you, sweeping it under the rug is not going to make things better. Acknowledgment of it, and continuously working at it is needed to really have a peaceful nation. And you can back it up with whatever factoids and statistics you have, but reality remains that prices are going up, and there are people here, who are suffocating from the financial noose that is slowly tightening. 1.1 trillion worth of projects have been approved, but chances are, the bulk of that pie is going to end up in the already deep pockets of corrupted officers and politicians. And then the roof is going to leak within a week anyway.

Maybe I'll just vote for the Independent ticket.

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