Broken Scar's New Album - I'm in it!  

Posted by Kamelia

Kevin announced the release of his new album, in a completely new format. Taking the local music industry to a whole new level.

And he is giving it away for free!

Not only does this save a whole lot of money, but I have a feeling that it's going to give him a whole lot of exposure, that can only come from the viral nature of the internet. Here are those who have gained notoriety by going public on the net.

Example One: Russell Peters.

If you still haven't heard of him, you're living in a cave. His new style of stand-up comedy has really made him famous, as he pokes fun at stereotypes, and really open up discussions about race that are considered taboo.

Two years ago, he was still going about his business, landing small gigs, and trying to make ends meet. And then, someone genius uploaded a video of his show on the internet, and like wildfire, everyone is suddenly quoting him, and impersonating him.

Example Two: Colbie Caillat

She was on My Space, and because of her Bubbly single, she became the number one unsigned singer in her genre, and garnered over thirty one million plays.

Example Three: Kevjumba

Kevin is an Asian highschool student in United States, who one day decided to simply make a couple of fun videos and featured them Youtube. His videos are a mixture of humour, satire and personal going-ons, but it quickly caught on, and in four months he made it to the number one most viewed comedian on Youtube, and number four most subscribed. Now he owns his own website portal, and given his popularity, he plans to go into being a full time stand up comedian one day.

It's all a play between opportunity, hard work, and sometimes a little bit of luck I suppose. But garnering that precious bit of popularity through the internet has become really important for the entertainment industry now.

Which is why now you have this virtual album by Kevin.




And I am in it! Thanks Kev!

Now usually the indie music scene isn't really for everyone. The genre appeals to a selected few. Usually groupies. But BrokenScar has this radio-friendly feel to it, which really makes it nice to listen to on your mp3 player. You might have heard Shooting Start on Fly Fm's Campur Chart, yup, he's been number one for some time now. You don't believe me? Want to listen to it yourself? Well, be my guest;

Download it here.
Read the story behind it here.

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