Rocky (Yucky) Memory Lane  

Posted by Kamelia

Hey remember when you used to be a fan of boybands? Cringe all you like. I know you at least USED to like them. You were maybe 12, and still innocently thought that their dance moves were cool, and you memorized all of their lyrics. You weren't? Well, just me then. (Yeah right, I know you were!)

Let's go down that disastrous memory lane, where you used to have crushes over that pimply faced 17 year old boy in your school bus, you still diligently did your homework and being the teacher's pet wasn't such a bad thing.

Back then, the biggest thing to rock your music experience was this band:

AHHhhhhh! Cringe! Bleach! Yuckkkkk!

And then it was this band:


And then you claimed you evolved, and moved on to boybands who actually play their own instruments.

The Moffatts

But then you got tired of the goody goody boybands, so you felt that you were maturing, and started to be fans of a much naughtier looking bunch.


But really, they were just yet another boyband.

We were innocent and naive I suppose, and now our musical experience has (for most people) expanded, and you become more open to other genres and artistes. But for as long as you live, when someone asked you what was the first cassette/CD you bought, you'd be hard pressed not to lie and say it was one of the above.

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backstreet boys whoop all their asses lol

i heard one of the 5ive dudes was gay and was coupled with some other boyband dude


last time, i also enjoyed the tunes from the band naive okie!!haha.but if yu ask me what the first cassette or cd i bought. my answer will be spice girl *blushed* indeed still enjoy a few songs from the album.ngee :P


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