Who will act as you?  

Posted by Kamelia

It was one of those conversation openers that I like to pose to my family and friends.

"So, if there was a movie made about your life, who would you want to act as you?"

Mama, almost with no hesitation: "Ming Na, the one that acted in The Joy Luck Club." Waa....it looks like you've given this some thought before huh? "What....she looks a little like me what~"


Ok, fair enough. If you're going to have a say in which actor plays you, you're going to go for the closest, most good looking version of you, right?

Papa: "I think I would like that guy to act as me...what's his name...oh yeah, Salih Yaacob." Eh, why him? "I was a lot like him back in the day." My dad, the ultimate Mr Os. The boy who used to slather glue on the girls' chairs and answered "By bus," when asked "How's it going?" while studying in Australia.


My brother: "That guy in Mortal Combat!" What, the one playing Liu Kang? "Yup!!" Muahahhahah!!


It's a hypothetical question. Hypothetical questions allows one to be ridiculous and unrealistic.

Huz: "Er, Tom Cruise?" Someone closer physically laa. Suddenly Rajini Khan comes to mind. Before I can suggest, "I know, Chow Yun Fatt! Think of me as the slightly chubbier version!"


Chubbier version it is.

Who will play me? Haha, wouldn't you like to know.

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for me I think it would be brad pitt or tom cruise :D

Jessica Alba. She'll beg to play me.


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