My Internet Journey  

Posted by Kamelia

Funny how the internet connects you. You go from one page to another, discovering something new, and it ends up becoming part of your life. Just a click of a link, and it's going to transport you to a whole new world that you haven't discovered. Take for instance yesterday...

I am an avid reader of Yasmin Ahmad's blog. I love to read her take on life and lessons, and to see her latest update on her movies, and awards that she has received. It was one of her posts, with led me to Kevjumba. She posted a video of him, saying how she wishes she could get this 18 year old cutie to star in her upcoming movie, Talentine. That youtube movie of Kevjumba led me to Kevin's youtube page. This guy has been with youtube for less than 6 months, and he is currently the most subscribed in the comedy category. Every video of his surpasses or is close to one million views. Well..he is cute! 

Kevjumba's page led me to Happyslip aka Christine Gomez. She has her own online video production, and is just as if not more popular than Kevin. Certainly, her style is almost similar, though more organized. She goes on a much broader scale, and has a huge following online. While browsing through her videos, I stumbled upon a particular one, where her "sister" Minnie has a boyfriend aka Kevjumba. That video had one of the sweetest and most romantic song that I have heard in a long time. From that video, I discovered that song was from a American Phillipino indie singer named Josh Verdes. A link soon brought me to his myspace page. 

And it is here that I stumbled upon a whole new sound that was fresh and original, and easy listening. I love his single "Save Me", but I soon discovered that I loved all of his songs. I was also surprised to see for the first time, a Myspace profile that was in Flash. An icon soon brought me to the template provider, called Love My Flash. 

Love My Flash is wonderful. With more than 100 templates to choose, you'd be spoilt for choice. And it is really simple to use too. A couple of hours later...

And that is the story of what I do on the internet. Hehe...

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