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In my line of work, one needs to be prepared. There's no telling when there's going to be a good picture or news oppurtunity, so you need to have everything you need at hand. One of the first things that I got after I received my salary was this.  I needed my hand to be free while I handle the camera. 


One of Golla's handy mini bags. Ever since I've noticed the cute bags being sold in major handphone accessory shops like Novacell, I've always wanted one. But for almost RM40 for each of these mini bags, it is on the pricey side. But they come in so many cute designs, (which is lacking in most of the other handphone satchels in the market) I couldn't make up my mind over which one to get. So Baby chose for me. And then he paid for it too! Hehe...thank you Baby!


Now there's space for my headphones too!


And of course, never go out on a job without the trusty notepad. Cute and small enough to fit into the camera bag.


Also comes with cute pen! I remember buying the notebook at Menara TM when I realized that I was to enter into a muy importante meeting with Siti Nurhaliza's personal assistant, and I didn't bring a notebook with me! Thank goodness for small convenience stores mushrooming everywhere! 

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