Olympics Fakery  

Posted by Kamelia

I was reading some online articles regarding allegations on some Olympics Fakery. The article basically highlighted on some of the important points, they are : 

1) Accusation: That viewers were misled by the use of CGI fireworks during a sweeping helicopter shot leading up to Bird's Nest National Stadium. Organizers note the fireworks were there, but the footage was created in advance due to the danger of shooting live from a nearby helicopter.

2) Accusation: That NBC is time stamping West Coast feeds of competition coverage with a "Live" tag even though the coverage is not live.

3) Accusation: That NBC edited the "parade of nations" from the original order to delay the entrance of U.S. athletes.

The best part is the comment after the article that I found really hilarious. 

Posted by: Don't Lie to Me NBC | August 11, 2008 at 01:41 PM 

You failed to address the biggest NBC fakery of the entire games: Bob Costas' (the comentator) new ill-fitting wig. That's a toupee that could use some digital animation, for sure.

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