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Posted by Kamelia

Sporadic posts means that one is busy.

It's true in my case anyway. Busy in a good way. I love doing what I do, and apart from the low pay (still probation ma..)I'm looking forward to be going to work (like the nerd that I am) and I have great colleagues.

Bigger things may come by as time goes by, but right now things are fine here.

Well, Kas finally graduated on Saturday. Congratulations dear friend! Will be joining your ranks soon.

Met Ng Wee Leong there as well. Never seen the bugger for a long long time edy. I think the last time I saw him was when I was still working at Diary King, and I saw him at the KTM. That was more than four years ago.
I've known him since we were 10, and not many knows this, but he is sort of the reason how me and Kas became friends. Kas sat behind me on our first day in Form 1. And the only common ground we had was Wee Leong. Go figure. Now of course, we talk about many other boys. :P

A colleague also graduated yesterday, from MMU as well. Any excuse for potluck! So everyone (the women at least) rallied together and we hall had lunch in our humble aisle. They promise to do the same once I have graduated!

Trying to get some excercise in between lots of sitting in front of the computer, and couch potato-ing. So I pledge to go to the swimming pool at least twice a week. If not more. So far so good...beats sitting around waiting for the guys to finish playing snooker or badminton. Baby asked me to play badminton with the guys, but since I have no idea how to play, I'd be slowing them down big time. 

Not much time for blogging unfortunately. Especially now that I no longer have internet now that I've moved back home. 

Jia Hui, I assume has left for USA. Didn't get to see him though. Sorry dude...been occupied with other stuff. Don't worry, you are always in my thoughts. All the best dear...

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